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UNLV Baby and Child Rebel Lab - Kids science activities in las vegas

UNLV Baby & Child Rebel Lab

Welcome to our Lab!


Our lab values the participation of individuals from diverse backgrounds (broadly construed) in our research.


We are committed to conducting inclusive research, and welcome a diverse group of students to work as research assistants. 

Dr. Stephanie Verba Graduating

Our GA/RA presenting at GPSA

Our RAs Presenting at the Research Symposium

Our RAs Presenting at the Research Symposium

Our RAs being Camp Counselors

Take part in a study today!

We need participants ranging from infants starting from infants, children, young adolescence, through adulthood.

Our Lab Topics:

  • Face perception cues

  • Impact of cues on social decision-making

  • Influence of individual and contextual factors on person perception

  • Developmental changes in person perception

  • Participants in research studies (infants, children, adolescents, adults)

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